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Monday, 28 March 2011


Today's random post focuses on PES 2011's online master league.

I have had my ups and downs with this mode, but generally I do enjoy playing it.
The whole process of pro evo's master league online is to be able to build a team, starting from the usual line up of pro evolution soccer's own created players, into your very own dream team to play against other PES players.

When you start your online master league, you will find that your players are not very good. Your funds are 500k (you can change the currency, depending on your location).
You use your funds to buy new players.

But here is the bad news! If you think you will be able to buy decent or top class players early on in your master league career, then you are wrong! 

To be able to build your team, you must play many matches against players of different levels. To play a match, you must go to next match, much like when you play Master league offline. Once selected, you can choose to play either a quick match, or you can play in a competition. Below explains what happens in each match format.


If you select quick match, you will have to pay a match fee which relates to the value of your team. You will then be paired with another PES player that is available to play at that time. 

You are then taken to a pre-match screen which allows you to check the fitness levels of your players and what your gameplan, formation and any other settings are needing to be done before the match. You have a time limit in seconds which appears at the top right area of the screen. 

Once each player is happy to play within the time limit, you can both select start match, or wait until the time runs out, in which case the game will automatically start.  You then play your match.  

After your match, your points will change accordingly in relation to the result. Your points are used to determine which division you are in and are updated weekly.

You will select return to main menu when finished taking a look at the match stats etc. On the way to the main menu, you will then be given match revenue. Both players receive this regardless of the result, but how much depends on how much your opposition's team is worth, and how well you did against them. I personally managed a 4-2 win against a division 1 player who had the likes of messi, Eto'o, Rooney etc (A team of great value), and I was in division 5 with a very low valued team as I still had many default players in my team. This brought me over 350k revenue. My match fee was about 64k.


In Competition mode, you pay a one off fee when you start the competition. The fee is generally higher than the quick match fee, but you can play as many games as you can fit into the qualifying period. The qualifying period is 1hr from the opening of that particular competition. 

There are 3 different competition modes. Division cup mode, where you play in the cup related to the diviosion you are in at the time, Division cup coach mode, where you let your players play, but coach from the sidelines and make decisions on gameplay and subs etc, and master league open which is a cup that anyone from any division can enter. Be warned though, as there are some very good players that may knock your chances.
You generally want to keep an eye on the time for the next competition, as places in the competitions go fast. There are 400 alocated places, so when all 400 have been taken up, you will be unable to enter. The trick is to enter as soon as the time changes to the opening time of the competition.

In the qualifying round, as I mentioned before, you have about 1hr to play your qualifying games. You will be paired with the next available player, much like quick match. When the qualifying round is up, you will be placed depending on your last 3 results in your qualifying match games. The best advice is to stop playing until the qualifying period is over, if you have managed to win 3 games in a row. The better the results, the more likely you will qualify. Any player that qualifies will be placed in the knockout stages amongst the last 16 players, and like many knockout competitions, teams will go through to each phase dependant on their results.

You may also receive price money whatever position you finish in the tournament.

This is a good way to generate revenue, but you may also lose money if your revenue is less than your match fees. This will only happen if you lose to a team that is a lot lower in value than yours.

So one last piece of advice is to keep playing, no matter what the result is. You will get better as you go along, and eventually, you will be able to buy players.

To my current knowledge, I believe Christiano Ronaldo is about 28 Million to buy, although if you are only receiving about 50k profit per match, you may be waiting a while to buy him. There are other players out there that you may be able to afford sooner, but that is another post.

Until the next time

Enjoy yourselves!



  1. Master league online sometimes makes me angry and upset as my team is not consistent, I would like to get a good formation and tactics to play better, or maybe the problem is my players, sometimes i feel them not light to run and other times i do, so I would like you give me a piece of advise to play better,

    Thank you mate.
    by the way,how did you manage to win that guy of division 1?? wow

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Master league online can be a hard area to crack, but can also be lots of fun if you work it right.

    The best way to build your team up is to work around your playing ability. The formation you choose should be relevent to your style of play. If you prefer to attack more, you would be best going for a 4-3-3 formation to allow for more players up front. If you go defensive, your formation should be 5-3-2 or 4-4-2 max.

    When you first start off with your team, the players are not too great as they are the default players. How you use them can greatly affect your teams performance. Remember to look at the stats of each player to maximise their playability.

    The problem with starting ML Online late on, is there are players who have played this mode since the game was released, so they have the advantage of time to build the team. But the way the league works depends on your results.

    You can effectively free up some cash to spend on new and better players by selling some of your higher priced default players early on. This will give you a head start.

    If you find you have bought a player that is not playing as well as you hoped, then sell them and scout around for a player that is in your price range, but can work well for you in that chosen position. After all, you may want a player that is fast on the wing, but does not necessarily have good shooting ability. There are players that you can use for different areas like this, but you just have to look.

    I am an attack minded player, but to start, I have been playing a 4-4-2 formation. I sold many players at the start, giving me some cash to buy better players. The main area I can suggest to work in, is to keep playing. Whether you win or lose, you should get some money per game. Let this add up and you can keep buying players. The better your team becomes, the easier you will be able to play against harder teams.

    As for the win against a div 1 player, I had just been relegated from div 4 for a sequence of losses. I was determined to win my next match, so I scoured the transfer market. I checked the prices my players were at and tried to maximise money for quality. I think I sold 2 players and gained 4. Luckily the green arrows were on my side and my team looked decent enough. When I realised I had a div 1 opponent I thought they would easily win. But the truth is, you do not know what their stats or arrows are like, let alone their playing ability.

    I made sure during the game that I mixed up my passing and shooting styles. I took shots from all areas, attacked down the wing, dribbled up the middle and made the most from my corners and free kicks. I was shocked that I won, but glad as I received quite a bit of money back to buy some new players.

    Good luck to you and I hope this helps.

  3. hi bob, could you pls tell me how to sell the default players at the fist year?

  4. Hi, and thanks for your comment.
    If you are referring about your default players in master league online, just go to your no squad and go to whichever player you wish to sell. Click on the player and follow the steps as if you were to sell another player.
    It's pretty simple from when you click on that particular player.

    Any other problems, feel free to ask.


  5. peut on faire evoluer des jeunes dans le mode en ligne car j'ai pour habitude de prendre des talents evolutif mais je n'ai pas l'impression qu'il evolue en ligne?

  6. I had a comment recently on another post that was written in french, and I am unsure what your question is. If there is anyone out there that is able to point me in the right direction as to what I have been asked, please feel free to comment.

    Many thanks,


  7. I have to admit the online master league is a little silly. On average when u start u get 70k a game minus the 45K it costs to play. So to earn 3 million you need to play 200 games which is 33 hours of game play. So to buy one decent player you need to put in 33 hours of playing time. Some of us have lives, so get to play xbox around 3 hours a day, so thats 11 days to buy one decent player. So to buy a half decent squad it will take 17 weeks. Id have purchased PES 2012 by that time. So major FAIL from Kanomi this time.

  8. Hi ther bob. My name is graeme I have just got my master league up and running I was scouting the market for young wingers and centre midfielders but I was unsuccessful. May be you no What players to Bring in to my squad?

  9. Bob, the french comment was asking "can progress of youth players be done in the online mode because I have a habit of taking evolutionary talents, but I do not feel they can evolve online?"

  10. In reply to the comment regarding playing countless numbers of games to buy some decent players, I do agree with some of what you are saying.

    On the other hand, there are a few ways in which you can gain more cash. For example, if you are not bothered about playing a team worth alot more than yours and a few divisions higher, then whether or not you win, you can still receive some good revenue back. I played a div 1 player with a team worth nearly 200 million! My team was about 25 mil at the time. I received around 700k back and paid about 75k to play, so a good 625k profit was gained even though I lost 5-1!

    Another way would be to buy some players and sell them when their value goes up. This of course depends on the amount of players who buy the player etc.

    The only other option is to keep playing to win. The more you play which you refer to, the more you gain, obviously more with a win. If however, you play against a lower value player but lose, you could end up losing more than you paid to play. Unfortuanate as this may be, we all have to start somewhere and try and work our way up.

    I am still playing in my master league online, but cannot wait for pes 2012 to be released so I can actually get a head start.

  11. @ Graeme - Thanks for your comment. Choosing your team can depend on a number of factors. Every person has their own style of play, formation, tactics etc.

    I would say decent wingers start around the 3mil mark, as do midfielders. I think I may have mentioned previously about a few players I would recommend.

    You can buy players like Anderson for about 3.5 mil, Belasie is a favourite on the wing, but can also play LWF/RWF and SS, I think his shooting accuracy is 79 which isn't too bad considering his low price tag. His speed and acceleration is also about 93 for both which makes him near impossible to catch, especially playing on red arrows.

    If you have trouble finding players, my best advice would be to use the advanced search option in the transfer market. Just input as many details as you see fit and check the results. For instance, if you have a budget for a midfielder of 2.5 mil, then input the details between 2-2.5 mil. Select the position and any other areas you think may help. Once the results are shown, check the stats of each player. You mainly need to look for a player that would have stats most suited to the needs of that position and your playing style.

    A good midfielder generally needs good passing skills. If they are good at dribbling and have pace, then this can also enable the player to play an SMF role too should the need arise. Any midfielder with a decent shot and shot power stat can also bring good results.

    There are players out there that you may not realise exist, but as you build your team, you will soon be able to get to grips with how to build your team.

    I hope this helps

  12. Thanks for the help in translating the french comment from Anonymous. I was having a hard time working this one out.

    The answer I would say about PES 2011 online master league is "NO", the players do not develop from an early age. No player does. The only part in this mode that affects how good the players are, is the form arrows. Red arrows = well above stats, purple arrows = well below etc, I am sure all you players out there know this one by now.

    It would be good if players did develop or you could promote from your youth team, but until 2012 version, we will have to wait to find out.

    Players in MLO generally keep their game stats as they are from the beginning of the game release.

    Thanks for your comment unknown french dude.

    I hope this helps.

    For future comments, please use a posting name rather than anonymous as I will know who to reply to and you will know I am replying to your comment.

  13. I previously posted about the playing for 33 hours to get a decent team. I realised that if u play harder teams u get more money. I had an idea to buy all 20-30 rated players, so the teams real bad, then play coach mode hopefully against high rated team. Check out this post Bob, its interesting


  14. This sounds good Rik. I too have some 20-30 ovr rated players in my online ML team. I mainly used them so I could sell a couple of players and buy some more without having to keep above the 16 player minimum for a team. Having these players meant they were very cheap and didn't ruin my funds, but also meant my team had 17-18 players and allowed me to sell some better value players once I had gained a more funds.

    I will check out your post when I get chance and thanks for the info. I may play some lower rated players to add to my funds through my matches.

  15. Unfortunately whatever u do its a massivly long haul. Especially as the prices for decent players are insane. Ronaldo above 40 million?? I dont even wanna work out how many hours it would take to get him. Im praying Fifa can create an online master league next time and show PES how to roll with it. Lets face it, PES has copied their game play and motions this year. If it was half as long and the players values didnt change then it would be so so much better. Lets hope it Fifa can help out in making PES even better AGAIN.

  16. I totally agree with you that it would take forever to afford decent players like Ronaldo. Although, its still possible to play well with lower valued players, even against a high value team! My team is worth about 30 mil, and I played a div 1 player (supposed to be similar level!). Half time was 0-0. I then went 2-0 down just after the break. Got it back to 2-2! Then went 3-2 down. Brought it back level and conceded a 4 th in the 87 th min! Silly goal too, but the point is, I still scored 3 even when my team was 100 mil less than theirs!

    I really enjoyed the game, but they ruined it by heckling me and calling me a loser. I just replied with " you should have beaten me by waaaaay more. But yet you only managed 1 more goal than me! Ha ha! "
    They then left the match results!
    You point about pes becoming better, I agree with also. Let's hope they sort things out this time and get something right for a change!

  17. been having a mess around with this game and man the flaws in this thing are tragic. I tried to play 7 up front and 'beep', sorry player u cant do that??? errr, why the heck not Kanomi, Im the manager...SO?? Players being near dead by half time, what are these "school kids"?? There supposed to be professionals, surely they go to the gym!! Also what is it with players running away from the ball?? Plus the amount of off sides and own goals is way too often. I pressed L1 kanomi, no not to select him, nooo not him. I want the player nearest the ball wft?? and Im pressing run for a reason...so why is he still walking lol...regarding online, well, oh my...time for a new developer me thinks.

  18. this shows it all really - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFk0SehUVrU&feature=related

  19. Yes, Yes, Yes! The flaws in this game are totally uncalled for!

    As most of the PES community has generally found, the game favours players that play like that of a Barca or Arsenal style. Fast movement with very small amounts of holding the ball.

    This should not be allowed, as there are plenty of real life teams that play by keeping hold of the ball and waiting for the right time to form an attack on goal.

    The lack of stamina with some of the players also makes my blood boil. Like you say, they should be able to withstand a 90 min match with their energy levels only dropping a little at a time. I think here, the problem lies mainly with the form arrows. If you have anything on green, blue or purple, the players energy drops very much, leaving them exhausted at half time. Orange or red arrows still leave energy, but it does drop to at least half by half time that I have noticed.

    I could go on and on about the flaws, glitches, and bugs in the game, but that may be for another post, so I will stop here.

    Thanks for the comment, and I also checked out the video. Is it one of your own? If so, I will add you to my subscribe list on youtube. My username is proevobob. Feel free to subscribe to mine also. I hope to create more videos, but feel the need for more people to become interested before I do so.

    Catch ya later,


  20. Hello there! I'd like to ask you.. where could I find my funds.. and how can I use them to Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Online Master League.. I put 10 euro to my wallet but I don't know.. where to find them.. and how to use them to the game.. Please.. I'll wait for your answer...

  21. Hi there. If you are talking about the fact that you have paid in real money to add funds to your online master league team, then you should not have.

    You should try and get the money back as soon as possible.

    The way to increase funds in online master league is by playing matches in the aim to win. By winning, you receive more revenue than you would if you draw or lose. If you were to win against a higher level opponent, then you should see a large amount of revenue compared to someone with a similar level team.

    With your funds, you should try to improve the stats of your team by going to the transfer market in online master league mode and buying better players. Any players you wish to get rid of to add more funds, can be sold. The value of each player may rise or fall, depending on the initial value and the popularity amongst the human PES players. On occasions you may gain more money from a player you had purchased previously by selling them for more. This depends on the fluctations within the transfer market.

    Any Human PES player can buy any player within the game itself, so do not be worried that another player has some of the same players you have.

    I hope this helps.

    Thankyou for your comment.


  22. Thanks a lot for your answer.. but I'm trying to understand.. how could be possible.. for some new players to have such a good and really expensive players from the beggining of the game.. I saw a lot of them.. to have the perfect team and soooo much money... from their beggining.. How could this be possible then...?

  23. Please can you answer to my previous message...?

  24. The players that have really top class players from the start when they have not played many or any games are obviously cheating by hacking the game somehow.

    If you are an honest player, you should not do this! The whole point in playing online master league is to improve your playing skills and build your dream team.

    You should not be able to create a world class team, other than by playing matches to earn revenue in which to buy your players. The more you play, the more you can improve your team.

  25. I keep losing every match against everyone.
    I always change my playing style but because I only have the default players.
    How to get money quickly and start winning matches.

  26. The lagg in this mode.. Jheez! Unbearable, tut tut tut, Konami..

  27. For the last two comments - Firstly, I would not worry about losing loads of matches when you first start to play ML online. It is bound to happen because there will be other gamers with much better players, especially if they have played a lot longer than you and you have only just started in your ML online mode. As for getting money quick......unfortunately, there isn't one. You just have to play the games and gradually build your money up. Some suggest you play in coach mode competitions which stop you having to play and you could then do other things while you wait. Only problem with this is that you do not control the players in the game and will feel frustrated if your players do not play how you would play yourself. My advice, just play, play, play and gain experience in the process.

    Secondly (2nd recent comment), I have experienced lag within previous versions of PES, but for 2011, I cannot say the lag has affected me. The only time there has been lag, the other player always won and situations in the game do not add up. An example being.....a game played a couple of months back, led me to believe I was being cheated. Whenever the other player had the ball, there was no problem. Yet as soon as I attacked or countered, my players slowed down dramatically, and the lag stopped and started like there was a bad connection. This only happened when I had the ball and never happened once when my opponent had the ball. So I do not think this was lag, I believe it was a cheat at work. The signs are there so I am sure you would agree! Needless to say, I actually won the game in the end, by a single goal, but had to work very hard and counter his moves as well as trying to figure out what moves |I had to do before I did them.

    If there was lag that you were affected by in a game, you should check and see if certain things happened in the game that could lead to the other player cheating. If it doesn't seem like they are, then the connection could either be caused by a problem at either end, and not by konami.

    I only back them up, due to my connection being a very good connection, and this version compared to the last few has seen no problems apart from those described above. Plus, when I did have problems, they have been with the same connection as I am still using, so I know konami have improved very much.

  28. we have problem. me and my friend want to play in a cup together but we dont want to use keyboard. he has joystick and i have controller. but wen we install a patch that we can move the keyboard from home to away there is no option were u can leave controller 1 without selecting a side. Therefore someone is forced to play on the keyboard no matter what.

  29. That does seem a bit strange to me. There should be a setting that enables you to choose the controller. I assume you are playing on the pc version. I did have an older verion of PES on my laptop and invested in 2 contollers similar to the playstation ones. These both came with a disc to install the drivers and hey presto, myself and a mate were able to play with a conroller each.

    The contollers do not cost much as I got them from EBay. I still have 2 controllers, but never use them.

    If you are interested, I would be happy to send you one, so both you and your mate could play with a controller. I would only post to the uk mind you. Send me an e-mail at proevobob@hotmail.co.uk and we can sort something from there.

    I hope this helps sort the problem.


  30. Hello there, i'd like to ask about players forms-arrows. Why every 10 days the arrow of a player changes? What the reason? Please anyone tell me if he/she knows.

  31. Thanks for your concern regarding the form arrows.

    Are you talking about master league online, or offline master league?

    Pes 2012 has only just entered my household as I have been a bit late purchasing it, so I have not yet seen the effects of the form arrows in PES 2012 ML ONLINE just yet.

    Dont worry though, within the next week, I hope to have checked this out (if this is the mode and version you are asking about), and I will be posting my findings.


  32. Yes am talking about ML online ... Ok we will wait till next week. Thanks

  33. From what I have noticed with the form arrows, I think it depends on your training regime. This is one that I am trying to get my head around as it is much different from previous versions.

    I think it also depends on the way you play your players and put your team together. After all, if you bought a new player in and left one of your usual players out, his form would go down because of the chances he is getting to play. Another factor could be that you are playing them too much and they are getting tired, so it is a good idea to rotate your team about a bit. Not too much though, just the odd player here and there. I hope this helps.

    Happy playing and good luck!

  34. I saw rik post i bought some really helpful and i saved a lot of money but every time i want to division 4 i cant becuase my division points drop all the time even when i make to semi-final or final every single. (BTW) im talking about pes 11

  35. bob i was wondering if you can tell me how to cancel a shot or a pass


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