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Monday, 28 March 2011


Today's random post focuses on PES 2011's online master league.

I have had my ups and downs with this mode, but generally I do enjoy playing it.
The whole process of pro evo's master league online is to be able to build a team, starting from the usual line up of pro evolution soccer's own created players, into your very own dream team to play against other PES players.

When you start your online master league, you will find that your players are not very good. Your funds are 500k (you can change the currency, depending on your location).
You use your funds to buy new players.

But here is the bad news! If you think you will be able to buy decent or top class players early on in your master league career, then you are wrong! 

To be able to build your team, you must play many matches against players of different levels. To play a match, you must go to next match, much like when you play Master league offline. Once selected, you can choose to play either a quick match, or you can play in a competition. Below explains what happens in each match format.


If you select quick match, you will have to pay a match fee which relates to the value of your team. You will then be paired with another PES player that is available to play at that time. 

You are then taken to a pre-match screen which allows you to check the fitness levels of your players and what your gameplan, formation and any other settings are needing to be done before the match. You have a time limit in seconds which appears at the top right area of the screen. 

Once each player is happy to play within the time limit, you can both select start match, or wait until the time runs out, in which case the game will automatically start.  You then play your match.  

After your match, your points will change accordingly in relation to the result. Your points are used to determine which division you are in and are updated weekly.

You will select return to main menu when finished taking a look at the match stats etc. On the way to the main menu, you will then be given match revenue. Both players receive this regardless of the result, but how much depends on how much your opposition's team is worth, and how well you did against them. I personally managed a 4-2 win against a division 1 player who had the likes of messi, Eto'o, Rooney etc (A team of great value), and I was in division 5 with a very low valued team as I still had many default players in my team. This brought me over 350k revenue. My match fee was about 64k.


In Competition mode, you pay a one off fee when you start the competition. The fee is generally higher than the quick match fee, but you can play as many games as you can fit into the qualifying period. The qualifying period is 1hr from the opening of that particular competition. 

There are 3 different competition modes. Division cup mode, where you play in the cup related to the diviosion you are in at the time, Division cup coach mode, where you let your players play, but coach from the sidelines and make decisions on gameplay and subs etc, and master league open which is a cup that anyone from any division can enter. Be warned though, as there are some very good players that may knock your chances.
You generally want to keep an eye on the time for the next competition, as places in the competitions go fast. There are 400 alocated places, so when all 400 have been taken up, you will be unable to enter. The trick is to enter as soon as the time changes to the opening time of the competition.

In the qualifying round, as I mentioned before, you have about 1hr to play your qualifying games. You will be paired with the next available player, much like quick match. When the qualifying round is up, you will be placed depending on your last 3 results in your qualifying match games. The best advice is to stop playing until the qualifying period is over, if you have managed to win 3 games in a row. The better the results, the more likely you will qualify. Any player that qualifies will be placed in the knockout stages amongst the last 16 players, and like many knockout competitions, teams will go through to each phase dependant on their results.

You may also receive price money whatever position you finish in the tournament.

This is a good way to generate revenue, but you may also lose money if your revenue is less than your match fees. This will only happen if you lose to a team that is a lot lower in value than yours.

So one last piece of advice is to keep playing, no matter what the result is. You will get better as you go along, and eventually, you will be able to buy players.

To my current knowledge, I believe Christiano Ronaldo is about 28 Million to buy, although if you are only receiving about 50k profit per match, you may be waiting a while to buy him. There are other players out there that you may be able to afford sooner, but that is another post.

Until the next time

Enjoy yourselves!