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Saturday, 22 October 2011


Well it has finally happened! A bit delayed I know, but I finally have my copy of PES 2012.

Most of you have been playing for the past couple of weeks, although in the UK I know the game was released just over a week ago.

My lovely GF came home from work a couple of days ago and told me she had got me a present because I have been so good to her. I had no idea what it was, but I was still excited! I mean who wouldn't be!
I eagerly opened the present wrapped in green wrapping paper with footballs all over it, wondering what it could be! YES, I did have a feeling that she had bought me PES 2012 as soon as I saw the wrapping paper, but I was still in awe that she had got it in the first place!

Anyways, back to the post!

Since the arrival of my much sought after present, I couldn't wait to try out the new PES 2012 MASTER LEAGUE ONLINE! But, bearing in mind, my disastrous start to ML online last year proved to be fatal. When purchasing any new version of PES, it is always a good idea to play a few practice matches first, or generally play offline. So that is the first thing I did with this version.

Last year, I was inexperienced because of the difference in the way the players moved and generally the game play. This year, after my first match on PES 2012, it was going to prove tough once again! 

I always start any mode in PES on TOP PLAYER setting. This way it is a challenge from the offset and prepares me for anything I have to come up against. I decided to start a MASTER LEAGUE offline first and set up on top player. I was to be the manager of the team, as well as play the games. Looking good. But HEY! How come I have started with default players? I back-tracked  to the set up screen of ML and noticed there was no way of changing the fact that you start with default players. This was certainly going to be tough on top player.

I decided to check the extra content area, which shows you what you can unlock from earning game points. "THERE IT IS!" My problem was over! You can unlock the actual team lineups for 100 game points (about 10 played matches at 10 points earned per game). My next step was to play the ten matches and unlock the content, then start a fresh master league. However, I do hope to continue with my default team, just to see how I get on.

Well after the warm up and figuring the modes and extra content out, I decided to drop myself right into ML ONLINE. I was a bit unsure, as playing against the computer on top player in PES 2012 proved to be a lot harder than I had anticipated! I drew 1 game and lost 5! Not a good start!

Well into ML online, I noticed that the way you buy players had changed, due to the new contract system they had introduced! Undeterred, I went into sorting out my team, sold a couple of players and bought 1 new player in. I played my first match against a div 1 opponent and managed to beat them 2-0. I also noticed that there is a new FAIR PLAY option which allows you to rate the other players after each game. When you click on it, it lets the other player receive a Fair play rating. So I did this in all of my matches apart from 1. After the one I did not, I received a message saying that my fair play rating had gone down and if it went below 70 I could get banned! It was down to 75 already and I do not know why! I had skipped all replays, played when I was supposed to, and had not quit a game mid-way. So why was I being punished???

If you have any info on this, please let me know.

Well after 5 games online, I had managed to win 4 and lose 1. The one I lost finished 2-3, but I had a few chances that went a miss at the end of the game. All in all, I think my new ML online start has proved to be

Lets see how the next couple of weeks go......

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