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Thursday, 7 July 2011


Whether or not you are a fledgling MLO player or Veteran, you will always want to be buying some decent players at a cheap price. MASTER LEAGUE ONLINE certainly gives you the impression  that you will not be able to compete against the top flight players equally until you have played your fair share of games, which in turn sends some funds for your team upgrade options.

Starting out, you are faced with the task of sorting through your default players to give you the best possible formation for your style of play. Some players opt to keep the starting default's, but some sift through and sell those players that can give you some initial funds for slightly better players.

So can you really have a chance at building a decent team early on with little funds, or will it take much longer for your master league team to house some good cheap players?

Well the truth is, YES you can purchase some decent players at a cheap price. You may not get the likes of Messi or Ronaldo (these are valued around the 30m-35m mark each!), but you can still buy players cheap that will, in effect make your team better.

I will not list all of those players within this post, as I do feel there are many to talk about. In this post I just want to mention a few names with an approximate value (at the time of writing) just to get you started.

I wanted to do a bit of a write up on this subject, along with some more in depth posts about Master league online, due to the many messages I have received from YOU, the visitors to THE PRO EVO MASTERS LEAGUE.

Well here goes! I firstly want to mention about a player that seems to change in value only ever so slightly, but is valued at around 3.5m. Belasie seems to be a favourite amongst both noob MLO players and veterans. He is very fast paced with TS and ACC at 93 and with a shot accuracy of 79. I have used this player since my early MLO campaign, and he has not let me down much. Definitely worth the price, and if he is on a red arrow, he is top class!

If you are looking for a CB that can be used as a SB, A. Hughes is a decent buy at around 2m. He still has a 71 OVR whether playing in either position and has good pace. His passing accuracy is high in the 70's and gives a top class attacker a run for their money.

A well known AMF/SS Van Der Vaart is a very decent buy at around the 5-5.5m mark. Shot accuracy is 83, along with decent passing stats, and good dribbling skills, he is a very good long term buy for any team.

Anderson (M Utd) is a good price at around 4m. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for defensively and as a good play maker. He may even give a decent amount of shots and score a few, especially after you attack and the opponent clears the ball. Kind of like a Scholes-esque long range bullet. 

One last player I would like to mention, is Sigediz. Not very well known at all, as he generally has a 20-30 OVR! This surely cannot be for real, right??? Well to tell you the truth, I will let you take a look for yourself. He is one of those players that you can pay pocket change for, and still have enough left to buy a new house! Do a search in the transfer market for him and check out his price. He does not seem like he has very good stats either, but when you start with default players and look at their stats, you will see that most of those players have stats of 60's - 70's. He has TS of 80 and i think ACC of about 71ish. I played him as a sub for Van Den Berg. He was on a red arrow, and managed to keep Agbonlahor and Del Piero at bay for most of his time on the pitch. I also still have him in the squad should I feel the need for him to come on, he will always be ready.

I hope this brief post about cheap players for master league online helps you. In the upcoming week or so, I hope to give some more in depth reviews of PES 2011 MASTER LEAGUE ONLINE - BEST CHEAP PLAYERS.

Thanks for reading and please come back again soon!