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Sunday, 29 January 2012


 The problems most PES 2012 ML online players have, is which players to choose that are cheap. Most of us obviously want to buy some decent attacking players that can have a beneficial effect on our match results. I am sure I am not not alone when I say that there are plenty of times you will end up being drawn against another player with the likes of Pato, Rooney, Eto', Forlan, Villa etc. This of course can be a very daunting experience, especially when your own team does not even compare statistically to your opponent. 

I have been tinkering about a bit with my own ML team quite a bit recently, but really wanted to get a proper feeling of how well a team can perform on a budget. Obviously, my main aim is to become a decent player, as well as be able to compete with the big boys. But the challenge I have given myself is to try and perform on a budget. Be able to grow my team and of course, WIN matches in ML online, just by buying cheaper players and using them effectively.

My current up to date progress has seen me rise in ranks and divisions from division 5 all the way to division 3. This is where I have been hovering over the last week. My points have gone down, but also gone up, leaving me in a position to now think of my next move. I have not been posting much, due to the urge to compete with the budget players and try to gain a decent status.

After all of the highs and lows of this challenge, I am happy to say that it is possible to compete with budget players, but only up to a certain level. To get further, I believe is another campaign altogether.

So here is the brief story of how I changed my team and which players I found to be the best cheap attacking players in ML online.

With a whole team reshape on the cards, I had to be brutal. I decided to sell my non-performing players until I was down to my last 16. With the funds I gained, I checked my game plan to see which positions were needing to be strengthened. My keeper had to go, but I decided to spend between 2-3 million on one. The defence needed some tweaks here and there, but generally was not too bad. Each defender had a 70-76 ovr and was reasonably priced at about 1-2 million each. Playing with a 4-3-3 formation, I suggested a CM would be a good choice and spent around 2 million on Lodi. He has been performing well, and consistently averages an orange or red form arrow. For the RMF, LMF, RWF and LWF positions, my choices would be from Utaka, Obemyang ( not totally convinced the spelling is right!), Mateus, Musa and  Biabany ( slightly more at around 4mil). SS and CF positions would be chosen from C Benitez, Moulongui (again another spelling not so sure!), Mphela, Van De Mirch, Utaka (when not being used on the wing).

From these attacking players, especially when most are on good form arrows, can bring very good results. Al range from between 900k, to 4mil. My team at the time I was promoted to division 3 was around the 36million mark. I enjoyed my best winning streak at 6 games, but most importantly, managed to fend off some pretty decent D1-D3 players.

I hope to strengthen my defence more to allow some pace. This will hopefully catch some of the onslaught of the world class players, but until that time, I hope to keep playing and will reveal any other helpful tips along the way!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave your comments and any suggestions in the comments section below.