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Sunday, 13 November 2011


Master league online is one of the most widely used modes in PES and also one of the most talked about in PRO EVO communities. Today gives you the chance to read a post from another player within the community.
Sunday's are all about guest posts on the PRO EVO MASTERS LEAGUE blog. Feel free to leave your comments and show your appreciation for those players that have taken time out of their busy playing schedules to shed light on their experiences.

So without further ado, here is the guest post.......Enjoy!

Hello everybody and welcome to my first article. I have wanted to write for a long time and thankfully, after getting in touch with ProEvoBob about the guest writer position, here I am. So a little bit about myself. My name is Barry and I’m from Ireland. I love video games, ever since my first Atari was ripped open from under the Christmas tree, it’s been both a hobby and a passion of mine. Since then it has been a rapid incline to the wonders of next gen graphics, seamless online play and more quality games than you have time to play them in! Regarding Pes, I’m not going to get into the history of Pes and which games were the best and worst. Not in this article anyway. Each player have their own favourite edition complete with nostalgic memories and that’s the beauty of Pes. So on we go!

Pes has been a long-time love affair that has sometimes broke my heart and made me question my loyalty but mostly, has been the one game in the last decade or so that has always taken up an almost permanent residence in my console. Sometimes it has been hard to explain why this is. Oh sure, Pes is a brilliant game and the first editions ISS/ISS 2 revolutionized the sports genre. The graphics, shooting, originality, etc, were unparalleled. Pro Evolution Soccer really captured the beautiful game and showed the promise of a real authentic experience from the comfort of your own home offering hardcore gamers and footy fans alike, the most realistic football game on the market. But Pes is something more than addictive and compelling. Take away the gloss and strip it to the core and then you will see it has a feeling about it, almost a personality hidden in the code. It is known to many as “That Pes Feeling”.

I believe Master League is one of the greatest modes in any game in the history of video games. I mean, for a game to take you on a roller coaster ride through the trials and tribulations of a fictional team filled with fictional players and make them cult figures is amazing. How many people have secured promotion from D2 on the last day of the season? How many times has your favourite player popped up with an injury time winner? Every player has a different journey, an ever changing tale weaved by hours of immersion and a sprinkling of Pes Magic. Names like Ivarov, Ruskin, Palmieri, Stremer, Castolo, and Minanda. The attachment to these players in Pes forums and communities borders on the fanatic. One mention of my dislike of Castolo rewards me with tales of an all conquering Ronaldo-esque goal scoring machine from another player who says he has won the treble with his Castolo leading the line. Another claims he scored 40 goals a season on top player with his Castolo. Another says he has trained him to play in goals! Fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter. The stories in Pes are often as good as the game play. So I want to know yours. 

Personally, my favourite player currently goes by the name of Stein. He has been known by many names, Hudee, and then Harty. But those names are alien to me for I have christened him Mini Roy Keane. I still tell friends about the time he practically got me up to Division 1 in Pes 4 scoring 11 goals in my promotion bid. I remember it like yesterday. He was a rock in midfield all season and got injured for the last 3 games. I was two points behind promotion and playing old firm green! They were ahead of me. I bring an injured Mini Roy Keane on in the last 15 mins with both teams locked at 1-1. In the last few mins, a barely able to move Stein, gets the ball, dribbles in and out like a drunkard staggering and flattened! Penalty. I make a decision. Do you I let the injured man who is in agony take his own penalty or entrust someone else? I knew what I needed to do. It was never a question really. It blasts into the top corner. The Irishman has done it. Over the next few seasons he became a tank for me. Even now, he resides in my MLO team keeping big name stars warming the bench.

There are thousands of stories to be told and now I look forward to hearing some of your favourite memories. They are what set Pes apart. Thanks and I can’t wait to read all your comments.

Thanks again to ProEvoBob, he runs an excellent Pes blog and I appreciate this opportunity.

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